About Me

I grew up in the midwest.  My parents were pastors.  I have five sisters, and I am the middle child.  I always loved kids, and I currently have eight- seven still at home.  I’m passionate about foster parenting, adoption, speaking for those who are unheard and finding meaning in the little things.  I have experienced my share of love, joy, pain, pleasure, suffering and providence, and I like to write about all of it.

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Meet the Fam

There are ten of us (for now), and we love to have dance parties in the living room, run our own family Olympic competitions and live crazy, adventurous lives together.

  • Sara (Me)

    The Mom

    I’m the systems builder, project manager and schedule coordinator.  I try to maintain a semblance of order in the midst of life’s chaos.

  • Matt

    The Big Brother

    Matt is an amazingly talented drama king.  He never meets a stranger, and he makes everyone feel like a million bucks!

  • Aidan

    The Giggler

    Aidan is a bundle of joy! He loves to belly laugh, do puzzles and cuddle with his brothers and sisters.  

  • Aaron


    The Fun Father

    Aaron is my favorite person in the world. Aaron is passionate, real and still sees the world like a child. He is the only person who can make me laugh no matter how upset I am.

  • Josiah

    The Comedian

    Josiah is a gifted kid who was reading C.S. Lewis in the first grade.  He loves to bring joy to others and dreams of being a stand-up comedian.  

  • Micah


    Micah is lively, creative and always sees a different way of doing things.  He has always loved to laugh, and he’s extremely competitive and strong-willed.

  • Angela

    Official Organizer

    Angela is all girl. She loves to write songs, play piano, listen to Taylor Swift and create different outfits to wear. She’s also a gifted writer. 

  • Gabriel

    The Builder

    Gabriel is a vibrant, sweet boy.  He loves to jump on the trampoline, build things with his legos and read books.

  • Jaraan

    Life of the Party

    How can I describe Jaraan?  He’s creative, unpredictable and carefree.  He loves music, and almost everything is fun to him.

  • Sophie

    The Socialite

    Sophie is dramatic and hilarious.  She loves to start conversations with anyone she meets, and she speaks what she thinks. 

Feature Blogs

These are the ramblings of a mother of eight. Life is crazy, but writing helps me to process the meaning in the madness. Consistent themes are parenting, the power of adoption and the beauty that only comes through brokenness. My hope is that my messy words help others.


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